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-Fits ½ ton long box or ¾ ton short box

-Full size bed

-Storage under bed

-Table drops down to make extra sleeping space

-Kitchen sink

-3 burner stovetop

-Gas/electric fridge




-Forced air furnace

-6 gallon pilot light gas hot water heater

-Freshwater tank

-3 jacks

-Camper weight is 1565 pounds



Our campers are all cleaned and detailed inside and out. We hear over and over again from our customers how nice it is to walk into one of our units after searching elsewhere and seeing how clean they look and feel. We want you to be happy with your purchase! We also reseal the roof, windows, doors and sidewalls as part of regular preventive maintenance. This all combined comes out to be over a $2500 added bonus when you buy from us. We thoroughly check all systems in the unit. Plus we offer a 30 day warranty on all major appliances: stove/oven, fridge, furnace, hot water heater, electrical converter and AC unit. This way you can try everything out and rest assured you are not buying something that will require expensive repairs.

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